Azure DevOps - split analysis across parallel jobs

I have a project in ADO which consists of both .NET c# (aspnet core) and Typescript react front end

I’m able to get analysis, test coverage etc for both the c# and typescript code but I’d like to shorten the overall build duration

I’d like to be able to split the stage in ADO and run 2 parallel jobs, one for the .NET elements and one for the typescript and converge into a final job to complete the analysis

Is this possible?

What artefacts would I need to copy from the 2 jobs into the final job to complete the sonar analysis and upload to sonar cloud?

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A similar topic we had only a few days ago, see Multiple independent builds: Combining Results in a single SonarQube analysis result?

Any updates on this?
The only solution I’ve found for this is to use the monorepo feature. Splitting up a project to back and frontend “subprojects” doesn’t seem to be a good solution for this, it’s a workaround at best. I’d still want to have a single quality gate for PRs (I’m guessing if I add every project to the branch policy, it could work). If we have a bit more complicated pipeline with a few parallel jobs, sonarcloud is getting complicated really fast. This should be a basic feature.

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