Azure Devops Release Gate

Hi All!

We are using SonarCloud with our Azure Devops build pipeline but I wanted to not fail a build upon a failed scan, but instead add a release gate so that it goes into Dev but not test nor production if the check fails…

Currently it doesn’t look like there is a plugin support for adding a custom gate to our release pipeline to do this, that being the case is there any API I can call into that will let me see if the quality gate passed and how would I get a reference for the Build’s Quality check via the SonarSource.sonarcloud…SonarCloudPrepare@1 build task?


Hi Michael,

Release pipelines related feature are on our pipe, stay tuned about that :wink:

Currently there’s no direct API to get status of a quality gate, but you can, at least, use the “Publish Quality Gate result” task on a build pipeline to have that status in the summary of your build.