Azure Devops - Python pipeline: "The main branch has no lines of code."

  • Community Edition
  • Version 8.4.1 (build 35646)

Trying to analyze Python code via Azure DevOps Service Pipeline…
The pipeline runs fine - but will not results will appear in SonarQube…
SQ actually pretends the project is empty!
“The main branch has no lines of code.”

I assure you - it has enough lines of code… in all branches. I am analyzing the master.

I did find this:
15:31:02.190 DEBUG: ‘app/’ indexed with no language
Which sounds fishy… because clearly it should be PYthon.

I’d be very happy if anyone knows what to do…

well… apparently - the sonarPython plugin is missing in the marketplate.
i had to download and copy the sonarpython.jar in the plugin directory manually.

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