Azure Devops Pull Request Quality Gates

Is there a way to only apply the Azure DevOps PR Quality Gate to specific projects in side of azure devops instead of the whole project collection?

  • SQ Developer Edition Version 9.9.1
  • deployed from zip
  • trying to limit the Azure Devops PR Quality Gate to specific Azure Devops Projects
  • I tried looking around at the settings, but only see this can be applied at the project collection level, and not to just specific projects
  • also, in a related finding, I can only set this up for one project collection. I have two project collections and would like a way to implement to specific projects in more than one project collection


I’m not sure I understand the question. You have the Quality Gating applied to all your projects and you only want it on a subset? Isn’t that just a matter of editing your pipeline?


Inside of my SonarQube administration settings, under Configuration > DevOps Platform Integrations > Azure DevOps, I have set up a configuration to send SQ analysis details to pull requests in azure devops.
The configuration only gives the ability to set it up at the azure devops project collection level. Since adding this configuration, the analysis is showing up in all PRs in all projects within that azure devops project collection. So it seems that by setting up the SQ configuration, it defaults to apply to all projects.


Thanks for explaining. We really didn’t anticipate wanting to be selective about this, so the functionality doesn’t exist. That’s why I’ve moved this to the Product Manager for a Day category. Would you mind explaining why you don’t want some of your PRs decorated?