Azure Devops integration options

We plan to use SonarQube and would like to integrate as part of Azure DevOps Pipelines. Can you suggest the options available and best practices?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @sekhara.kothuri

We have a dedicated extension for SonarQube on Azure DevOps. It’s bringing a Service endpoint where you can setup a connection to your SQ instance, and also pipeline tasks which can be added to your build pipeline and launch analyses in them.

We have a dedicated lab, which is for SonarCloud, but gives you a great insight on what you can do (since it’s still pretty much the same kind of integration) here :

Feel free to ask any specific question if you may have ones.


Thanks, Mickael for the inputs.


Can you provide more details on how to capture code coverage results using Azure DevOps?

We are using the SonarQube extension from Azure DevOps. Please note that ours is a .net core solution that contains multiple test coverage projects. I would like to include the code coverage task also as part of the build pipeline. I have included the tasks specified Azure DevOps integrations.
Let me know for any additional details. Thanks for your help.

Hi @sekhara.kothuri

Please follow this guide to do so : [Coverage] Troubleshooting guide for .NET code coverage import


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