AUTOSAR C++14 compliance

Hello, I am using these versions:
SonarQube v9.4
Sonar Scanner 4.7

I would like to use SonarQube as a testing tool for different fields projects, especially automotive ones.

I saw in a previous topic that you do not support AUTOSAR, I would like to know if there is any update about that?

Thank you


Welcome to the community!

Sorry, but there’s no change on AUTOSAR.



Thank you for your answer.

Please, can you tell me what are the external analyzers related to C and C++ that can be linked to SonarQube in developer edition and above?

Ps: I don’t have access to any of the C & C++ analysis since I am using community edition for the moment


We don’t natively import any reports for C and C++ at the moment, but we have the Generic Issue format, so if you can get a tool’s reports into that format, you can import them into SonarQube.


While we don’t support AUTOSAR, we have plans to support the next MISRA C++ version, which should become a replacement for AUTOSAR.

But for now, the only things available in developer edition are some rules covering MISRA C++2008.