Building autosar compliant ruleset

Hi, has someone worked on creating an autosar ruleset in sonarqube, any plugin available for the same. Please let me know
I do not see autosar support currently in sonar, in the past post as well, I have seen that it was not developed yet at that time, what is current status, is it there in the product roadmap of sonar to build it in near future or later for autosar?
Is there any rough mapping of the rulesets in sonar that is matching with autosar ruleset partially or completely for the mapped rulesets.
One can start with those before autosar for c++14 comes into available in sonar.
Kindly revert.

Hello @dkotian95 ,
We indeed do not support Autosar. We support some of MISRA C++ 2008 that served as a basis for Autosar, so maybe you can find a good starting point here, but you will not get a full story.

We are however part of the group that defines the next version of MISRA, which is planned to replace Autosar too. We will communicate as soon as we have something to show in this context.

Hope this helsp,

Thanks @JolyLoic
Last news I see is the merger of MISRA standards merging with Autosar, MISRA consortium announce integration of AUTOSAR C++ coding guidelines into updated industry standardAUTOSAR

If you have any other public news, could you please share on the next version on MISRA C++.

Another question, can any 3rd party vendor add custom ruleset in SonarQube for autosar, how easy it would be for them to do it? Will it take weeks, months or years for 1 person to do it or it is not possible as of now?
Any idea?

I see the below document from autosar, there is slight variation/major variation in autosar sometimes from the standard coding guides. There is traceability/mapping of autosar in the last few section in the below document.

Some similar mapping to compliance to autosar with SonarQube would be really handy like you have it for misra already.

Thanks again.

Hello @dkotian95,

I’m not allowed to share any information yet on the progress of the next version of MISRA. I can only tell you that we are working really hard to release as soon as possible.

About the option for a 3rd party vendor to add support for Autosar, our C/C++ analyzer does not provide any API for user-defined rules. Which does not mean that they cannot be developed, but that anyone wanting to do it would have to implement a full analyzer on its own, from scratch. It is feasible, but I think that, taking into account the number of Autosar Rules, and the complexity of some of them, a full coverage is clearly going to require more than one year for one person.

We do not currently have any table mapping compliance with Autosar.

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Thanks very much @JolyLoic for the information provided. This really helps. Will be eager to see next version of MISRA. All the very best.

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