Automatic migrations for Docker updates

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Could you add an option to automatically run the update process / run outstanding migrations for the Docker container?

Most apps (eg. Gitlab, Mattermost) do this when a new image is pulled and run. SonarQube requires a fair bit of manual intervention by comparison. There’s no notification when an update is available, which means the only way I know is if a developer tells me the CI/CD pipeline is broken. I then have to check the CI logs, head to to manually migrate, then rerun the pipeline.

Hi @binaryfire,

First, thanks for your trust.
Does it mean that your containers are automatically updated without any manual checks?
We recommend backing your database, and reading the Upgrade Notes to avoid discovering recommendations/requirements after the fact. Would you mind sharing any measures you’ve implemented to ensure full confidence in an automatic upgrade? This would help me understand what we can do to facilitate a smoother upgrade process for our users.


Hi @Chris

We automate container updates for all our development services (Gitlab CE, Mattermost, SonarQube etc) with Ansible. The flow is db backup → check for new image → if new image is available, pull and recreate the container.

Mattermost, Gitlab, Hasura etc. automatically check for and perform any outstanding migrations when the app starts. Which makes the upgrade process very simple and automatable:

SonarQube is the only app we’re using at the moment which needs manual intervention to upgrade. It also doesn’t provide any notification mechanism to let admins know that the app is offline due to a waiting upgrade.

It’d be awesome if you guys could implement an unattended upgrade solution similar to the above apps. And in the mean time, a notification would be helpful.

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Thanks for taking the time to elaborate.
We will consider addressing this need in the future and have created a portal card where other users can share their needs. You can find the link to it here. If we move forward with this, we will update the card to inform you if you leave your email there.


Thanks @Chris. Any thoughts on adding an email notification for when an upgrade process needs to be run? That would help in the mean time.


We do send out an email after every release. You can sign up for it at the bottom of the page here.


Thanks @ganncamp. I’m already on that mailing list.

I was hoping for an option to be notified when SonarQube enters maintenance mode (which happens when a new update requires migrations to be run). That would let us continue with our automated updates and be notified whenever manual intervention was needed. Currently we only find out when our CI/CD pipeline breaks.

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