Automatic analysis for Java is now available on SonarCloud

Hello everyone,

Automatic analysis for Java is now available for all GitHub users on SonarCloud :sonarcloud:.

This allows you to get started quickly within just a few clicks, and easily utilize SonarCloud to clean as you code. Since automatic analysis for Java does not offer all of our analysis features yet (stay tuned for updates on this in the future), we recommend switching to CI-based analysis as a next step.

You can find more information about this in our documentation.


Hello. I noticed this change. It is nice, but could it not be forced on every new project?
I’m not sure how to disable the instant automatic analysis.
To be clear, I understand how to turn this feature off for subsequent analysis (Administration > Analysis Method), but the initial analysis takes long and slows project configuration and getting the new project key.

Still can’t configure new projects hours after adding to sonarcloud due to this feature. Now I have to discover problems related to automatic analysis.

Hello @Nat ,

Welcome to the community!

The workaround today is to create a file in the project before importing it on SonarCloud. Having this file (which can even be empty) in the repository will make it ineligible for automatic analysis and the behavior will be the same as before this change.