Audit Log Download issue

Hello, our Audit Logs are set to 30 days, but I can only download todays logs. If I try 7 or 30 days, I get an error message on the download stating “Couldn’t download - Something went wrong”. However, I can use the custom to download up to 5 days but only if it includes todays date and it works. We are currently running 9.5 (since 07/2022). From what I read is 9.1 and newer supports Audit Logs, we have been running 9.1 since 02/2022. Anyone else having this issue?

Hey there.

Several bugs have been fixed in Audit logs since their introduction in v9.1


I suggest updating to the latest version, v9.6, and let us know if you still face an issue. v9.1 has been EOL since v9.2 came out (only the LTS and LATEST versions are supported at any given time).

Thank you for the fast reply, we are scheduled to go to 9.6.1 this Friday. I will let you know how it works out. Dennis…