Are webhooks really limited to 20 in enterprise edition?

I’m running sonar enterprise edition 7.7 with a 10million line license. Our build pipelines use jenkinsfiles and we’ve been playing with the waitforqualitygate step…since now I understand that analysis is something that happens asynchronously on the server.

Two things I’m seeing that I’m hoping to find out isn’t true.

  1. I’m limited to 20 webhooks…or more specifically, for a company with 10 million lines of code…I can only have 20 jenkins servers in my enterprise?

  2. It looks like all the webhooks fire every time analysis runs. Again, to clarify, every time a new project…amongst hundreds of projects hosted on this instance… uploads a result, all 20 webhooks trigger? Can I do this without hitting 20 jenkins servers from 1 request?

Is there any way I can specify my jenkins url to make the callback to, in the payload sent to sonar as part of the scan, so that only one webhook fires back to the jenkins server that made the request?

If the answer is no, this isn’t possible, then it seems like I’m going to either have to build some sort of intelligent proxy server to route requests back to the proper jenkins server to circumvent the 20 jenkins server limit OR I’m going to need to get smaller enterprise licenses and pop up multiple instances of sonar just to bump my webhook count…which seems like more effort than should be necessary.
Crossing my fingers I’m missing something.


10 can be set globally (fired on every analysis of every project), and an additional 10 can be set per-project (only fired when the project they’ve been defined for finishes an analysis).

So… yes, a maximum of 20 webhooks can be fired for a single project. However the 10 project level webhooks you define for Project A have no impact on the 10 you can define for Project B.

Does that help?

Yes Colin. That helps. Although I think I’m surprised to hear an additional 10 per project. So maybe I have misread the docs. It’s 10 serverwide BUT Aloso an addition 10 defined on a per project basis. So if I have 100 projects each project may have up to 10 of its own unique web hook URLs?

I must have missed where I configure the webhook per project. Is this done in the project ui only or can I set a property that gets passed to the scanner for execution to set this?



Project UI! Projects admins have access to an Administration menu > Webhooks.

They must be set in the UI, not by analysis parameters

OK thank you. I am the admin for my sonarqube server. What version was this introduced in? I’m in 7.7 enterprise.
I went under Administration -> Project Management. I clicked the gear icon and I don’t see it. Am I looking in the right place for configuring the project specific hooks?

7.1, I think?

Head to the specific project.

My apologies. I hadn’t made my sso user account the admin of all projects. I happened to pick a few that wasn’t admins of. I see it now. Sorry about that. Thanks again!