Add SQ parameter for callback URL


(Jeff Certain) #1

Currently, using waitForQualityGate requires a previously configured web hook. In large orgs (i.e. thousands of Jenkins instances), this is an onerous task – and, in our case, one that the SQ admin isn’t willing to undertake. Probably, rightly so.

Plus, there’s a maximum of 10 webhooks, so we have an issue there too.

Instead, if we could pass a parameter as part of the call that provided a callback URL, we could get around the whole webhook issue and make the whole setup and usage much cleaner.

Alternately, I’m reduced to polling… which is so very 1990. Or building a dispatcher, which then has the same scaling and registration issue. The callback URL would be much cleaner.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


You do realize that webhooks can be configured at both the global level (by your unwilling instance admin) and at the project level, right? And sure, there’s a limit of 10, but that’s 10 at each level, so each project can have 10 individualized webhooks.