Application Quality Gate API

#Product details
SonarQube EE, Version 8.3.1
#Problem description
I have an application in SonarQube consisting of 3 Projects. This application has a quality gate and some overall statisctics after any of the projects get rescanned. What I would like to achieve is to get the quality gate status and, ideally, the scanning report for the application via an API call.
#What I’ve tried
Well, looked through the official documentation, found nothing so far. Except for the API calls that return quality gate statuses for each of the 3 projects in my applications. But what I really need is the aggregated application quality gate status.

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There’s an API call that is marked Internal (usually meaning “subject to change without notice”) that returns the Quality Gate of an Application. If you check the Show Internal API checkbox in the onboard Web API documentation, you should be able to find api/qualitygates/application_status.

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Hi Cameron!

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Yes, found the api call I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Svetlana,

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