SonarQuality Gate API issue

  • Language Java
  • Community Edition
  • Version 7.9.1 (build 27448)
    I use Quality Gate API to get the status of sonar run
    stage(‘Sonar’) {
    steps {
    script {
    doSonar() (<— runs sonar:sonar goal —>))
    script {
    def qualitygate = getQualityGateStatus()
    <-- uses API quality /api/qualitygates/project_status?projectKey=projectcoordinate—>
    def email_body = getQualityGateMailBody() <-calls quality API again to form email body–>
    if (!qualitygate){
    sendEmail(null,‘Sonar Quality Gate Failed…!!’,email_body)

Problem is that first API call after sonar scan gives Quality Gate Status as false where as second call made to same qualitygate api to get and prepare email body retuen qulity gate passed why? and since first call was giving false positive emails are triggered.

Question is why first api call return wrong QG status where as second API call return right QG status?


Welcome to the community!

Here’s how we recommend you do this.

Note that there’s no explicit call to the sever in our recommended pipeline.

In your example, you start by retrieving the current QG status for the project. At a guess, even with a wait of 30 seconds, your analysis report hasn’t yet been processed when the call is fired, so what you’re pulling back is the status of the QG before the analysis. If you really want to do this manually, then you’ll need to dig into the files in the .sonar directory to retrieve the analysis_id and get its status. BTW, that’s a different web service.