AppCenter and SonarQube Enterprise


has anyone gotten pre-build scripts working with Microsoft AppCenter and SonarQube Enterprise? I am able to download the sonar scanner, unzip it but I am not sure how to edit the .xml file to put my host and token in it with just the pre-build script. Anyone gotten this to work?

Hello @Andres_D and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
In your scanner xml file you will put information that will apply everytime you use the scanner.

So, for the host you put your Sonarqube url instance (like http://localhost:9000) and for the login, you can use either a classic login/password couple like the default one (login=admin & password=admin) or use a Personal Access Token as the login. In this case, you leave the password field empty.

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I ended up using Azure Pipelines to do the scan since it was a lot easier to get the SonarQube connection from there than in a post deployment script in App Center.

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