Running sonarqube via custom build script as a part of app center build

We are having react native and building it through app center, now we want to run scanner on it as a part of app center build.
In app center we have custom build script, which can be called to run scanner.
On this topic we did not found much information in documentation.

Is there any sonarqube API which can be used in build script to run scanner on react code ?
TIA !!!


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This isn’t an API call, but the firing of an executable. The analysis docs should get you started. Feel free to come back with additional questions on this topic (and feel free to start new threads for new topics :slight_smile:).


Thanks Ann for details.!!

I am thinking to write shell script which will call host url of sonarqube, but I am not sure if there are any other options we need to specify in that script. Do we have any sample script or details about which parameters needs to be specified in the script.

Hi Ann,

Please check my above post and share pointers.


Hi Mangesh,

Please check my above post.