Any plans to support Objective-C / Java on the automatic sonarcloud?

I know that automatic sonarcloud analysis only doesn’t support Objective-C/Java, but I’m wondering if there is any public plans on supporting them or is not even on the pipeline.

Hi @alexito4 and welcome to the community.

I invite you to read this thread regarding support by autoscan for these languages:

Please tell me if it doesn’t answer your question.
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Thank you very much. I will integrate it into our CI then since we still have some objc/java code. Cheers.

@Vince could you clarify if the SonarCloud Orb for CircleCI has the same limitations as the AutoScan? I can’t seem to find any info that relates to that.

Hi @alexito4,

The CircleCI Orb does not have the same limitation.
It expects you compile your code before launching the orb though, and that you use the build-wrapper if you want to analyse your Objective-C code.

See the Java and Objective-C docs.

Hope that helps,