No Java with AutoScan! Planned?


(Frédéric Danna) #1

Java does not belong to the list of supported languages )-;
And you say: “Non supported languages (Java, […]) will not be analyzed at all.”
Does “at all” means “never”? If so, could you explain this decision please (for sake of curiosity)?

(Benoit) #2

The reason we currently don’t support Java (and other compiled language) is that our analyzers need the binaries (i.e. compiled sources) to provide relevant results. And automatically compiling any Java project (or other compiled language) is not a trivial task. So, we currently want to fully develop the feature (with proper UI/UX) for interpreted languages only.

AFAIK we might support Java in the future, so I wouldn’t say never but we don’t have a precise plan yet.

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