Analyzing branches with special characters in their names

Using SonarQuber Runner 2.4 with cli, I’m trying to analyze a branch as below and I get “…is not a valid branch name” error. If I remove these characters it works fine. How can I get around this beside changing branch name since its interconnected with the same name on multiple products.

sonar-runner -Dsonar.branch=some-branch-name-with-öığş-etc


the branch name handling is part of the Sonarqube server application.
What Sonarqube version do you use ?
Guess it may be fixed with,
means you have to update to Sonarqube 7.7
Also you should use the Sonarqube scanner instead of Sonarqube runner, the runner is the predecessor, see documentation


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sonar.branch has been dropped in version 7.8 (read more here). I would recommended to not invest your time in solution which has been removed.