Analysis times almost doubled


we’re using SonarQube CE Version 7.9.2 (build 30863) with Jenkins and maven (sonar-maven-plugin to analyse our project.

I recently noticed that the analysis time on the sonar server increased (from about 15 minutes to now 50).

There seems to be a problem with the database (we’re using postgres) because theres a thread using 100 percent cpu at times and persistence as per the logs takes a long time.
Do you have any tips how to improve database performance?

The other thing I noticed in the log is that the step “Build tree of components” takes about 20 minutes. What exactly does that do and is there a way to speed that up somehow?

Here’s the log of the most recent analysis:
sonarqube_ce_20200324.log.txt (8.1 KB)


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How recently did you notice this change? Was it right after a server upgrade? The Upgrade Procedure advises that you may want to perform some Additional Database Maintenance after an upgrade…



thanks for your response :slight_smile:

There wasn’t a server update since we’re running the LTS version. I’ll look into doing the database maintenance just to make sure.


i guess you’ve updated the SonarJava scanner from 5.x to 6.x !?
There are known performance issues after migration to Eclipse compiler frontend.
Because of this we’re still using SonarJava 5.14 (build 18788) in production.

and the relevant Sonarsource Jira ticket Log in - SonarSource


Kind of same topic here… experts tell me analysis runs up to 30+ Mins. plus mention ‘round-trips’ if SQ fails on master branch on top of pipeline which takes nearly 20 Mins… how can this be optimized? Thanks


in my case it was the databases fault. Our admins didn’t setup the cleanup right.
After a postgres vacuum the background task duration went down to 2 seconds.



Thanks Christian, I will forward this information.

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