Analysis not running for 2 weeks :'(

Hi SonarCloud experts !

We have an issue regarding our analysis in our (private) organisation.
It’s an automatic GitHub link with SonarCloud (no CI automation), on a PHP project

I’ve also tried to disable/enable analysis but it’s not working : I have an error toast saying

An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.

Steps to reproduce:

Any idea how to fix this? :pray:


Hi Yoann,

I had a quick look in our logs and it seems like our Automatic analysis is triggered on branches that are not your master branch nor a pull request.

The Automatic Analysis only supports analysis of your default branch and pull requests, see the prerequisites here.

Is it what you are actually trying to achieve? If yes you should do the analysis by yourself using a CI instead of the Automatic Analysis feature.

Thanks Grégoire for your answer :pray:

The Automatic Analysis only supports analysis of your default branch and pull requests

Yes this is what we had before & what we want to have :+1:

So, how can we fix this?

Do you mean you were able to analyze non-PR branches with the Automatic Analysis before?
Or you are only thinking of your master branch?

As I said, since we released Automatic Analysis, it’s never been possible to analyze branches that don’t have a PR associated or that are not the default branch.

Is the analysis of your master branch working?

I’m sorry if it’s unclear to you…

What we need is :

  • have an automatic analysis on all our Pull Requests & retrieve the feedback directly in GitHub
  • have an automatic analysis on our master branch, in order to monitor code quality evolution

We don’t care about non-PR branches. :wink:

Is the analysis of your master branch working?

No analysis is working for 21 days :cry:

Hi Yoann,

I had a new look in the logs, currently the Automatic analysis is disabled on your project, so the behavior seems normal.
Can you re-enable it so that I can see some failures?

Also, could you send me the branch name of one of your pull requests that you expect to be analyzed? If possible one that was created or updated after you re-enabled the Automatic analysis so that I can see it appear in the logs.

Hello Grégoire,

I’m working with Yoann and following on this topic. It seems that Automatic Analysis is enabled on our project (I get 500 errors if I try to disable/enable it).


Ok from the log it’s clearly disabled, I’ll try to re-enable it and see what’s wrong there.

I see that you tried to re-enable the Automatic Analysis this morning, and I could see the following error in the logs:

Automatic analysis does not support more than 1 project bound to a repository

So it seems like you are having the same issue as in the following thread:

You probably setup a monorepo that includes your project analyzed by Automatic Analysis. Can you try deleting this second project that is part of the monorepo? Transforming your project back to a normal one should re-enable the Automatic Analysis.

Indeed it now works ! Thank you for your help

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