Analysis failing consistently for all PRs

We have all the autoscans failing on PRs sent since yesterday.
Have tried multiple measures. Please find the id below

June 10 -
AXKc0k5mUmVB6HdHrklQ 11:32:08 AM
AXKczsj8osTPbDs19BNP 11:28:17 AM
AXKczGC5eYe_fPORtTtZ 11:25:39 AM
AXKcywLfSXe_yQF7True 11:24:10 AM
AXKcvnFdlg71779vSf9M 11:10:26 AM
AXKci-RQF1v-Wae4C_Uj 10:15:13 AM

June 9
AXKaMvOrSXe_yQF7TqPk 11:18:50 PM
AXKaL2J7lg71779vSesq 11:14:56 PM
AXKZxAymUtWd-iwWYxqH 9:17:42 PM
AXKZpPnFlB0A551iMzyN 8:43:45 PM
AXKZiQTRNBashX7-4xtf 8:13:13 PM
AXKZg1n2lg71779vSd-a 8:07:02 PM
AXKZTpJy2LSVmjWVAO3s 7:09:23 PM
AXKZSZiBSXe_yQF7TpJ4 7:03:57 PM

and many more starting from morning of june 9
is there anyway to find the root cause.

Welcome to the community!

Sorry for the late response.

I dug into the logs of the analyses you mentioned. I confirm that they failed due to an internal error at our side. We are aware of the issue, and we plan to address it sometime soon.

In the meantime, it seems your project hasn’t had this issue recently, so I suppose it’s not a very pressing problem for you. Let me know if it’s otherwise!

PS: despite the title of your post mentioning autoscan, I could not find evidence that the analyses were triggered by autoscan. Not sure why you wrote like that. To avoid confusion, I will update your post title and drop the autoscan tag. Please let me know if that’s somehow wrong!


Had mentioned autoscan because they were failing at the automatic build processes whenever a PR was raised. However, this issue is rectified now I guess.

Can you help with what the issues was. Or what is the workaround if it happens in future.

The autoscan tag on this forum is for a specific feature of SonarCloud, and I think you’re not using it.

The listed analysis IDs are too old, I don’t have the logs anymore. Do you have recent examples?

If the problem is what I remember it was, then there’s no workaround, unfortunately, just a ticket to track. If you have recent examples then I can verify if that’s indeed the problem, and share the ticket to track.