Analysis Failed on AYqY58luDBnU3q39Znjp

  • ALM used (GitHub)
  • CI system used (GHA)
  • Languages of the repository (PHP, JS, Python)

For this project I recently switched it from running the tasks in Azure Devops, over to GitHub Actions. For some reason that was no longer showing that any code had changed in PRs. Lines changed was always 0.

So I’ve now tried switching to the Automated Scan and not running SonarCloud in my CI.

However, now I am not getting any scans at all. PRs don’t trigger it, and merges in to “main” don’t trigger it.

I saw the error notice in the UI. Maybe someone can help me with this?


Looks like you are using some wildcards in the properties file.

Wildcards ** and * are not supported in “sonar.sources” and “sonar.tests” properties. “sonar.sources” and “sonar.tests” properties support only comma separated list of directories. Use “sonar.exclusions/sonar.inclusions” and “sonar.test.exclusions/sonar.test.inclusions” to further filter files in “sonar.sources” and “sonar.tests” respectively. Please refer to SonarCloud documentation for more details.

You can read more on our Documentation page

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