"AnalysedAt" date not compliant with IS0-8601 rules

Sonarqube 8.9.2 and probably upper versions :

In the webhook playload for an analysis, you are using a date like “2021-12-02T17:11:40+0100” which is a mixed format between ISO-8601 basic format (no colons in the offset part) and ISO-8601 extended format (separators for all other parts) which is explicitly prohibited in ISO-paper (see sections 4.3.2 (example part) and 4.3.3d). Citing ISO-8601:

[…]the expression shall either be completely in basic format, in which case the minimum number of separators necessary for the required expression is used, or completely in extended format[…]

The result of this is ZonedDateTime.parse(date) or OffsetDateTime.parse(date) do not work “as is” in Java, you need to specify a quite hard to find formatter to parse the not compliant to ISO-8601 date.

So just outputting “2021-12-02T17:11:40+01:00” instead of “2021-12-02T17:11:40+0100” would be the real standard ISO-8601 compliant date and would be easier to parse with most tools.