Amount of users different in DB and API/UI

we’re using SonarQube 8.9LTS Community Version. Due to the reason that we’re changing the external identity provider, I have to align user logins and email addresses. The easiest and safest way to do this is to use the web API.
During my investigations I ran into a strange problem. The amount of users in the database having active = true, onboarded=true and user_local=false differs from users shown via API. In the database I get 220 users, the API delivers 166 users (skipped local users). I cannot explain the gap, there’s no specific reason why those two numbers should be different.

The UI is different as well. It shows 168 users as total amount, but displays only 166 of them. The button at the end is still clickable, but nothing helps.

Does it help to clear the ES cache? Any ideas why this happens?

Many thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

Seems that deleting the cache from ES under data does that trick. The amount of users is now the same in the UI and API.

Strange, really strange …

Regards, Thomas

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