How to get stats from SonarQube

(Pattem) #1

After I upgrade SonarQube to 6.7, don’t see column “remember_token_expires_at” in users table in the database.

Could you please help on how to get the :

  • How many users login and logout in everyday
  • Active users & inactive users count

(G Ann Campbell) #2


This is why we say you should treat the database like a black box and only use what you can get through the Web API; the database structure can change in any version without notice.

As far as I’m aware these values are not available. What’s your use case?


(Pattem) #3


Thanks so much for the response.

My use case: I would like to see -

  • How many users(members) are login to SonarQube daily.
  • Users login time and logout time either from logs or from the database

(G Ann Campbell) #4


That much was apparent from your initial question. Would you mind explaining why?


(Pattem) #5


we have multiple sonarqube local instances, so just to see which instance is mostly being used among them.