Alpine docker images for sonarqube 7.4


I am currently using sonarqube:7.1-alpine, but like to upgrade our instances to 7.4. Can you please help me to get the alpine distributed docker image for 7.4 or newer version.



There shouldn’t be a reason to target SonarQube v7.4 as opposed to the SonarQube v7.9 LTS. Non-LTS versions of SonarQube become unsupported as soon as a new version of SonarQube is released.

The official SonarQube Docker Images are now using AdoptOpenJDK with a slim Debian base (there’s a good chance I’m not using 100% correct lingo, but I hope you’ll excuse me. We’re just getting used to Docker here :slight_smile: ). No official distribution exists using Alpine anymore, but you can probably piece together your own unofficial image if you really needed to.


Thanks @Colin_SonarSource for your quick response, I will target v7.9 now, but was expecting to have an alpine docker image. I will try to create a custom based docker image if possible.


Any specific reason this is so important to you?

@Colin_SonarSource - Great to see your support on this

We have hosted multiple instance of the service dedicated for every feature team and looking on upgrading it whenever any LTS is released.

Consideration for alpine image:

  1. Size of the docker image
  2. Automation - we have automated the customisation on top of alpine distributed version, we might need to reconstruct if we are going with different distributions.


Hi, thanks for your feedback. We used to provide Alpine-based image, but we had some issues with missing dependencies. We also had performance issues as musl libc used in alpine images can be slower than the traditional glibc and other C/POSIX standard library implementations.

The openJDK-alpine was also not officially supported. For now using a slim OpenJDK-based image is the safe choice, as we are focused on improving the image operability (including upgrade process, reduce the number of volume to mount, etc.).

The size of the current image is 270.12 MB, which seems relatively fair regarding the size of the SonarQube zip : 198MB.

Please note that if you upgrade from alpine-based image, the user running the container will change. You will have to change ownership of folders, in order to not have permissions issues. See this thread for reference.

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Thanks @pierreguillot for providing the relevant information which can help us to upgrade to a newer version.

If I prefer migrating from alpine to the standard image, will I face any issue other than permission . Note I am using persistent storage for both DB and plugins.


Not that i’m aware of. As always, follow the upgrades notes, backup your DB and volumes, and test the upgrade on a dedicated test environment if possible. Be careful with plugins versions you use, they may not be compatible.