Please push sonarsource/sonar-scanner-cli to Dockerhub to get the latest base eclipse-temurin:17-jre

Could SonarSource please push (rebuild) SonarScaner CLI image (sonarsource/sonar-scanner-cli) to Dockerhub, in order to get the latest base iamge eclipse-temurin:17-jre with the latest OS,
where eclipse-temurin:17-jre switched from outdated Alpine 15 to the lasted Ubuntu 22.04 ?

Copied from closed GitHub issue :

Hi @vladimir.kouznetsov

Thanks for raising this. Would you mind sharing what are the issues you are facing by using the current image? Is there anything not working properly with Alpine 15 that would be fixed with Ubuntu 22.04?
This will help us to prioritize your request.

Yes, we suspect we had few strange issues (resolved on our side) due to current image is based on old Alpine 15 and old Node.js.