All issues were automatically fixed and closed in our project and we don't know why

We have added a GitHub repository some days ago to start using SonarCloud on it. The first analysis found a lot of issues. After some work on our projects, all issues were automatically marked as fixed and closed.

In the middle of the process we changed the name of the repository in github. We can see that SonarCloud got noticed of that change. Could it be the case that because of that change, SonarCloud consider all the files as deleted and that is why all issues are marked as fixed?

I’m saying that because I can read in the docs that issues are set as fixed “…when a subsequent analysis shows that the issue has been corrected or the file is no longer available (removed from the project, excluded or renamed)”.

How could we mark all issues as open again?

Thanks in advance…

Hello @miguelmsoler,

Changing the name of the repo while an analysis is ongoing should not result in issues being marked as fixed and closed.

How is your analysis setup and is it possible for you to attach the scanner logs relating to the issues mentioned?

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I can’t find the scanner logs in SonarCloud. Are they available?

Hello @miguelmsoler ,

For the project, can you navigate to administration > Background tasks And give us the last task ID generated before your projects were automatically marked as fixed and the following task ID.