Admin access gone for Admin user and all users in admin group Version 10.2.1

We run SonarQube Version 10.2.1 on Azure Ubuntu 22_04 VM and we have lost admin rights even for the admin user. Our system is set up to use MS AD via SAML and have no problems logging in but all users in the admin group have lost admin options.

I tested logging in with the default admin user and the same thing happened, lost all admin options, checked the logs, and see no errors, tried to restart SonarQube and it made no difference.
See screenshot, more just has an option for “clean as you code”

Hey there.

The first thing you should do is reinstate admin access for the default admin user – then you can get back in the admin console and understand what happened to the permissions.

Thank you, Colin, I will try this but we never lost access for the admin user, I can still log in with that user. Just when I log in it doesn’t have the correct options to manage SonarQube.

The documentation also guides you to restore proper admin access, to get back from this state:

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