Adding validations to SQL statements


(Tiago Fernandes Vaz) #1

I have sonarqube running for java code in my company, and currently we are intending to extend it to validate SQL and PL/SQL practices, like usage of "SELECT * " (specially on tables with CLOB fields), UPDATES not using WHERE and so on.
I’m trying to have the SonarQube PL/SQL Community plugin (, on Sonar 6.7.1,for this purpose, but it seems to validate only plsql file files, not the statements inside Java classes.

Is there any other possible plugin or custom rules that could help on this matter? Or maybe any tricky thing that I may need to look at?

(Nicolas Peru) #2


As of today there is no plugin (commercial or not) that will be able to achieve what you describe : analyse PL/SQL statement within a java file.