Adding rules from custom plugin to sonar lint

Hi, while generating custom rules through the maven plugin I am able to get the custom rules in the SonarQube server while scanning any project. But while analyzing the same project through sonarlint those custom rules are not reflected in the sonar report. Although have set the sonarLintSupported tag to true in the plugin config.
Here is my sonar plugin configuration :

          <!-- the entry-point class that extends org.sonar.api.SonarPlugin -->
          <pluginDescription> Demo Custom plugin for Sonar </pluginDescription>

Am I missing something here?

Hello, thank you for your question.

As stated in the FAQ post:

Third party analyzers are not executed in SonarLint

Some issues may be reported in SonarQube by a plugin leveraging a third party analyzer (PMD, Checkstyle, ESLint, PyLint, …). SonarLint will only run rules from SonarSource analyzers including custom rules extending SonarSource analyzers . Third party analyzers usually have their own IDE integration, so we have no plan to run them in SonarLint.

So even with the sonarLintSupported flag, your custom plugin will only be executed by SonarLint if it extends one of the official analyzers, and only in connected mode.