Adding a source code analysis for IOT


Dans le cadre du projet de création d’un respirateur artificiel, nous avons besoin de mettre un analyseur de code iot (arduino et stm32) en C/C++.

J’aurai besoin d’aide pour le paramétrage.
le lien du projet

Merci d’avance,


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Sorry, by the emergency I didn’t notice the language need.

I am working on an open source respirator to help heath and hospitals on covid crisis.

For the medical agreement we need to have a static code analysis and I wanted to use Sonarcloud but I am blocked since I always use it with java or scala and I don’t know how to use it on iot c or C++ code and i need some help for setup.

the project is available at :

Thank you for the help,

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Hello @moyowi,

We’re more than happy to help you on this important and great project!

@Abbas_Sabra and I spent a bit of time to come up with a simple solution to have the repo analyzed on SonarCloud. We did that on my fork:

I saw that you’re using GitHub Actions for your build. Yet, we can’t manage to have analysis of C/C++ code working with our own SonarCloud GitHub Action - which is why we had to do it on Travis CI. If it’s fine for you to use Travis CI for this need, then I can create a PR on your repo and guide you through the few steps to adjust your configuration.

And we can even do this offline in French if that’s easier for you :slight_smile:


Hello Fabrice,

Thank you for your help !

We used github action as an easy available default solution, but we have no pb for using travis and your PR is welcomed !


Hello @moyowi ,

I don’t know what are your exact needs related to medical agreement, but in this situation, in addition to the default quality profile, you might also want to enable the more strict MISRA rules (rules designed for safety-critical software). You can activate the “MISRA C++ 2008 recommended” quality profile to get the combination of SonarWay with MISRA.

Hope your project will succeed!


Great @moyowi! I’ll prepare a PR and submit it to you as soon as I can.


Here it is:

And I remain available if you need more help!



I currently have a Arduino (C/C++) project in Azure DevOps that needs to be scanned using Sonarcloud. I tried to open those documents you attached for reference but they all lead to error pages. Can you guide me on how to perform the sonarcloud scan?


The project has been splitted and renamed, you can now find it at


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