When will sonarcloud C/C++ analysis support github actions?

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    github actions C/C++ project by sonarcloud
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    I can use travisCI to solve this problem.
    But I still hope to support github actions, which is more convenient.
    thank you very much.

Hi @freeeyes,

you can analyze C/C++ code on GitHub actions, the only condition is that you don’t use predefined SonarCloud actions. What you have to do is to setup the analysis as part of the build action, the analysis must run in the same OS layer/environment of the build.

thanks @mpaladin .
my GitHub actions workflow code at here:


How can i fix it?

Hi @freeeyes,

See my previous answer. You need to run the build-wrapper and the analysis as part of the Build C++11 step.

Hi @mpaladin ,

is there a better way how to get sonar scanner and build wrapper, than directly download it from sonarqube / sonarcloud webpage?

See how we’re doing it now here: xmipp/main.yml at devel · I2PC/xmipp · GitHub

I would like to add that direct support of analysis of the mixed / C++ code via GitHub action would be highly appreciated, as Travis is no longer an option after the change in the billing policy.

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Hi @David_Strelak ,

currently there is no builtin way of doing that. What I may recommend is that you create a github action on your side which downloads sonar-scanner + build-wrapper which you can reuse on all your github workflows.

Thank you very much, I tried to modify my project in your way today. Your project is very cool!

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