Add support for specifying extra set of rules for PR code analysis

I’m working with a code base which is pre-date before sonar :). So basically, it has been developed using java 1.4 time. Now the challenge we have is that when ever we introduce a new rule to make our new code better, we end up bumping the sonar issue count, And trying to fix those issues will end up in another problem with coverage.

So i would like to have a feature where I can define a different quality profile where i can use for PR code analysis and may be on the fly code analysis on IDEs using sonarlint. I can probably inherit my original profile and add the extract rules I want in this profile. This way we can make sure our new code follows the latest coding standards and while not effecting the issue count for old code. The results should only be available for PRs and Quality Gate validation.

Do you see this as a good feature for SonarQube for supporting old code bases to keep up with the new coding standards ?