Add support for GoSu language

(Andrew) #1

At the moment the options for analysing GoSu code (Java derivative used in the GuideWire stack of products) is limited, to say the least.

Guidewire is used by some of the biggest insurance companies all over the world and I think it’s safe to say the repos would be huge!

Surely there is a case for investing in a plugin in SonarQube, with the net return looking so healthy?


(Nicolas Harraudeau) #4

Hi @andrew_w,

Thank you for your suggestion.
Supporting the GoSu language is not one of our immediate priorities but we will take into account your input next time we decide to analyze a new language.

Could you tell us a little more about the company you work for and the size of its GoSu codebase? What other analyzers did you try and what do you think of them?


(Andrew) #5

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for replying so quickly.

We have tried CodeNarc, but I am not a big fan at all, it has nowhere near the capabilities of Sonar. To be honest we use Sonar in our company and I wouldn’t necessarily want to use another tool. Apart from the issue GoSu, Sonar is a great tool and we will be using it a lot in future too.

Size of the codebase? Honest answer is I have no idea, I am not that close to the code, I am more looking at the tooling side of things. What I do know is that InsuranceSuite offered by Guidewire is a huge suite of products, used by many of the biggest insurance companies in the world, to run their operations.
Of course if we could use Sonar I could tell you exactly how many! :smiley:

If you want any further information then I am more than happy to take this offline, in the meantime I will keep a look out for further developments.

Thanks, Andrew.

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