Add sonar-r-plugin into Marketplace

Hi, we have created plugin to gather statistics about R language and push it into SonarQube.

I am going to add more information here (e.g. PR for sonar-update-center-properties) a bit later. Is the plugin in general ok to be added into Marketplace?


Congrats on your plugin!

Going through the bureaucratic requirements this is what I see:

2.1 I see your releases but no release notes. As long as there are notes for the version that’s your initial entry into the Marketplace and going forward, we can call this one good, though.

3.5 I’m not seeing a property in your pom to set the plugin key, so based on your artifact id, it will just be ‘r’, which breaks this requirement. And besides, even though a “short and unique” (3.1) ID is required, a single letter is probably too short.

5 I see you’ve already provided a sample project for testing, but could you go a little farther and provide the reports to be imported in that project? Since I don’t use R, I don’t want to put all the infrastructure for dealing with R on my machine.

9 Without testing I can’t be sure, but based on your readme, I think you don’t meet this requirement since you list “code statistics (e.g. number of lines of code)” as planned.

Feel free to ping me when you’ve addressed #5 (even before the other stuff if you like) and I can put an initial test run in my queue to give you feedback on what you’ve implemented so far.