Add Robot Framework linter support

Hi, I am a creator of Robocop - an open-source Robot Framework code linter - and I would like the tool to appear on the list of supported third-party issues, since that is what the users requested.

Can you please contact me and tell me what steps can I take to make it appear there? I already have a support for exporting the issues in SARIF format.

I would be glad for any assistance here, thanks!


Welcome to the community!

From my admittedly shallow reading, it’s not clear to me whether Robot Framework code is written in Python or something else.

Could you help me out?


Hi Ann,

Correct, Robot Framework is based on Python, but it’s a completely different syntax.


I’m trying to understand whether it’s even feasible that we might one day offer native import of these reports under the Python banner. With “completely different syntax”, I guess not.

So your options here are:

  • export Generic Issue reports from your tool
  • implement a plugin to add language support for Robot Framework and have it either
    • import your reports
    • run your tool’s rules ‘natively’ in analysis

Does this help?


Hi Ann :slight_smile:

Correct, Robot Framework has its own syntax and own parser, so Python support would not be enough.

I know how to import the issues from my tool to SonarQube, because it is able to provide the report in a SARIF format. I am trying to find a way to be mentioned in the SonarQube’s docs here so that the users have an easier access to an information how to integrate the linter in their SonarQube. How can we make it happen? What requirements do I need to meet?

Can you tell me more about the plugins? How they would solve the issue I described in my first post?


That list is the 3rd-party analyzers that we’ve implemented native report import for. A pre-requisite for that would be us implementing Robot Framework support.

And if you implemented a plugin, you could request inclusion here.


I just want our users to be able to easily integrate Robocop (Robot Framework linter) with their SonarQube instance. They already have a solution in place by using a SARIF format. The next step to make the integration even more convenient is to have a native support in SonarQube. My intention of creating this issue was to ask if there is anything we can do to make this integration possible or easier.
Also, I wanted to know, what are the chances for your team to support such integration natively.

Creating a plugin is probably not something we want to go. I am also totally fine if the current support is enough. Just wanted to know if there is anything I can do to make it easier for the users. I hope we are on the same page :slight_smile:

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