Add measures to help drive software climatic impacts

IT has a huge impact on climate and is responsible for part of the changes to come. Using and developing programs that restrict their impacts on the climate should be the norm and development teams should be urged to use practices, tools and designs that help in offering such virtuous software: “low carbon impact” should be considered as a great quality criterion.

SQ is a great tool to monitor software quality and as such it should offer the ability for development teams to track and follow the carbon impact of their work. The request is to add measures in SQ that people can feed and use to monitor the carbon impact of their programs. We already have some simple metrics that we could use to feed these measures: Web page weight, number and average weight of the requests between the front-end and back-end, etc.

It is not an easy task to feed such measures: additional plugins shall be created in this purpose, but SQ should be ready for this and offer the opportunity to take an active role in the uttermost goal that is coping the climate change.