Add badges for pull-requests


Is there a possibility to add badges for pull-request ?
I would really like to submit a Pull Request for this. I already developed the feature but I cannot test it because I do not have the developer license. (Only my company does and I’m not sure they are willing to share it with me :slight_smile:)


Welcome to the community and thanks for your willingness to contribute!

Would you mind sharing your use case for this?


We are using pull-request analysis in our gitlab-ci. The coverage is being run during the test phase.
So, if the stage fails, there is no direct way to know if the issue is coming from the test or the quality gate.
You can see it in the logs, but I would like to integrate the badge in the MR description via a little script :slight_smile:
By doing this, reviewers and developers can directly see if the quality gate is the issue. And also have a direct link to it

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Hi @vmaleze,

Thanks for sharing your use case!

I suggest different ways to do that:

  1. We recommend that you separate your stage build / test from your stage quality gate check, you will be able to differentiate what’s stage is failing

  2. We post a comment in the Merge Request with the result of the analysis, and you can see there the Quality Gate result as well as the coverage information. You have in this comment the links to access the SQ overview of the MR. Additionally you could receive the notification of the comment of the MR as well.

Hope it helps, please let me know if you have questions.


We will try that :slight_smile:

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