Adapting the SSLR toolkit for a new language

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to develop a Sonar Plugin for a new language, and I figured having a working toolkit would be a good idea to try and write the grammar.

I downloaded SSLR and I adapted the files here to match my language

I started with a very simple grammar that should match every file :

In the pom.xml of sslr-testing-harness, I indicated the mainclass as CellmanToolkit, so that the generated jar runs the toolkit : image

I run mvn clean install and all goes well, but when I try to run the generated jar, I get this error :

Translation :
Error : Impossible to initialize the main class com.sonar.sslr.test.cellman.CellmanToolkit Caused by : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError : org/sonar/sslr/toolkit/ConfigurationModel

Does anyone know how to fix this ?

Have a nice day !

Issue solved. I was missing includes in the pom.xml and the JVM couldn’t find some needed classes at runtime. I used most of the includes from the sonar-flex pom toolkit.

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