AccessDeniedException: error during SonarLint Analysis

Installation of plugin was successful, but when I attempt to analyze one of my coding projects I get the following error.

I believe the plugin was installed successfully, because I attempted to make a new Java project in eclipse 2019-09, (i.e. “hello world”) and was able to analyze with SonarLint.

Previous issues seem to suggest that this is a permissions-based issue, but I am not sure why SonarLint is attempting to access AppData Folder when my eclipse project does not point to that folder.


Looking at the stack trace, the error occurs when our Java analyzer tries to access one entry of your project classpath. This is strange to have AddData folder part of the classpath, so I would ask you to check your project classpath configuration.

To see the classpath processed by SonarLint, open the SonarLint console, then enable verbose output. When you open or modify a file, an analysis will be triggered and you should see this log:

Starting analysis with configuration:
  baseDir: /home/julien/Prog/Projects/sonarlint/sonarlint-language-server
  extraProperties: {,,/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_231-amd64/jre/lib/rt.jar,[...],/home/julien/.m2/repository/org/eclipse/lsp4j/org.eclipse.lsp4j/0.7.2/org.eclipse.lsp4j-0.7.2.jar,[...],, [...]}
  inputFiles: [
    file:/home/julien/Prog/Projects/sonarlint/sonarlint-language-server/src/test/java/org/sonarsource/sonarlint/ls/ (UTF-8)

The interesting parts for your issue are the and extra properties. Confirm one entry is actually C:\Users\xxx\AddData\Local\Application Data.

Then look at your project settings, to find why you have this entry:

You can also directly look into your project .classpath file.

Julien, thank you for your response.

While I did not get to implement the solution you proposed, I discovered that after remaking a JAVA project and moving classes into this new location SonarLint was able to run. Once I rebuilt my reference libraries, that’s where the errors returned.

The solution: Moving my reference libraries into my eclipse workspace folder, where my java project folder exists.


Thanks for the update. Wild guess: you may have an antivirus/anti-malware software preventing SonarLint to access those files outside the workspace.