Accept wildcards for

Qube: Community 9.9

The canner accepts “Analysis properties” for “Build Steps”. And in these analysis properties you can add “”. According to the docs this property doesn’t accept wildcards. And it really doesn’t.

I would like to suggest to accept wildcards for “”. This would enable us to use what ever version to find of a jar.*.jar, …

Otherwise I have to change the configuration every time the version changes, which can be something like always for some internal libs.


The underlying assumption is that you’re analyzing with a scanner that reads the binaries from the build environment (i.e. Maven or Gradle).

Can you share how you’re building and why you need to provide these manually?


There is no build environment like that in the game. The jars are (currently) build with Eclipse locally and commited to the repository. All this is checked out to a folder before the scanner is run.



…Thanks for the detail. Since the widely-accepted best practice is to build on a centrally-situated CI, I doubt we’re going to make any changes for your scenario.