38k code lines of Unknown language

Hi, about week ago our project size unexpectedly jumped up on 38k new lines of Unknown language. This kicked us out of paid plan and we have to upgrade to 1m code lines plan. Can you help us figure out what exactly included into this “Unknown” category - we don’t have any issue found for it.
Thank you

Hi, to help investigate what this is, I’d need to know what your project is. Since you are on a private plan and that this information is confidential, can you contact us on https://sonarcloud.io/about/contact? I will answer there.

I’ve used link you provided to post a request but didn’t get a response for a few days. And, I think, today I’ve created duplicate request, sorry about that. The subject is “38k code lines of Unknown language”

And since I had the opportunity to investigate what’s happening on your project, I think it’s worth answering publicly here :slight_smile:

These “unknown” lines of code are JSP files. They are correctly analyzed (they have measures and issues reported on them), but it looks like there is a bug somewhere that prevents the “language” metadata to be attached to those files. We’ll fix this as soon as possible.