0% coverage from buddybuild with cobertura

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: BuddyBuild
  • Scanner command used: through fastlane plugin with parameters, tried various, this is one of it
    fastlane sonarqube project_configuration_path:".sonarcloud.properties" sonar_organization:<redacted> project_key:<redacted> project_version:<redacted> sonar_url:https://sonarcloud.io sonar_login:<SONAR_TOKEN redacted> sonar_runner_args:-Dsonar.cfamily.build-wrapper-output= -Dsonar.cfamily.threads= -Dsonar.cfamily.cache.enabled= -Dsonar.c.file.suffixes=- -Dsonar.cpp.file.suffixes=- -Dsonar.objc.file.suffixes=- -Dsonar.verbose=true -Dsonar.scm.revision=refs/pull/2961/head pull_request_base:"develop" pull_request_branch:"<branch radacted>"
    sonar.sources=<relative paths from repo directory>
    sonar.tests=<relative paths from repo directory for unit tests>
    sonar.swift.simulator=platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone X,OS=12.4
    sonar.swift.project=<path>/<project name radacted>.xcodeproj
    sonar.swift.workspace=<path>/<project name radacted>.xcworkspace
    sonar.swift.tailor.config=--no-color --max-line-length=100 --max-file-length=500 --max-name-length=40 --max-name-length=40 --min-name-length=4
  • Languages of the repository: Swift + Objective C (with Objective C disabled for sonar analysis)
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL: (private)
  • Error observed: No obvious error observed
    When run locally with SonarQube 8.2, can see log message
    [04:29:56]: ▸ INFO: Processing Cobertura report sonar-reports/cobertura.xml
    But the log message cannot be found for SonarQube 8.3.1 nor SonarCloud.
  • Steps to reproduce: Trigger buddybuild job
  • Potential workaround: Not found yet
    Additional notes:
    • when run locally with sonarqube 8.2, the report numbers are fine and including coverage.
    • however, once moving up to sonarqube 8.3.1, coverage becomes 0% always.
    • sonarcloud always shows coverage to be 0%
    • confirmed cobertuna report xml is generated with contents at BuddyBuild
    • a change was merged to the default main branch, but still 0% coverage. I expect even though under pull request, sonarcloud still indicates Estimated % after merge.

It turns out that one cause was Cobertura appears no longer supported at SonarCloud with this setting. Changing slather to enable sonarqube_xml helps.


Thanks @awpa for the update, very helpful!

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