0 bug, 0 error ,0, security hotspot 0 , code smell show bugs ,duplication 0

hi everyone,
sonarqube version 8.7.1 scanner 4.5 , plugin backelite-sonar-swift -0.4.6
i tried to analyse my swift code but it only shows the error in codesmells , bugs error security hotspot ,duplications are falling 0 .
sonarswift1 (2)
Any suggestions on how to solve this problem ?



Welcome to the community!

backelite-sonar-swift is a 3rd-party plugin neither offered nor supported by SonarSource. You’re going to need to direct your questions about it to its maintainers.

Alternately, you could upgrade to Developer Edition($), which will give you not only a full-featured analysis of Swift, but also pull request analysis & decoration.


hi Ann,
Thanks for your replay.