Zapier integration

Once someone is assigned to an issue in SonarCloud, I would like a ticket to be created in our project management solution.

It would be good to integration Zapier so that most project management solution become supported with a single integration.


Are you aware that issues are typically assigned automatically on creation?

In fact, many years ago we used to support an integration with Jira but dropped it because we found it led to a bad state in Jira:

  • not every issue needs a ticket
  • sometimes multiple issues will be closed with the same action
  • and so on


Hello @florent85 ,

Could you share more information about your use case for having this type of information in your project management solution?

yes, I had a similar experience with integrating Sentry and Shortcut (our project management solution).

It is a valid point, I will think about my use case more in details

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