XML converter to generic format

I am using sonar-scanner-
I have a test_report.html file for C code . I try to scan it using sonar scanner but it gives
Error during parsing of the generic coverage report.
Look at SonarQube documentation to know the expected XML format.

How to convert my xml to generic format?

Hi @preenu!

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Are you using CPPUnit, GCOV, llvm-cov, Visual Studio, or Bullseye? Then you can just import the report by providing its path to one of these properties for Test Coverage & Execution. If not any of those, you can convert it to a generic format as listed here in Generic Test Data.


Thank you.
Could you please provide info on how to convert it to the generic format?

Sorry, there isn’t a formal method or procedure that I can recommend. The generic format is stable so you would have to do the transformation once. You would need to take your file input, convert it however you can, and make sure it matches the expected generic format.