With Oracle 19C DBMS, what character sets are supported with SonarQube?

Working on new installation/configuration of SonarQube Developers Edition v9.4.

Using Oracle19C DBMS for app. support DB instance. Our DBA group used our default character-set, “WE8ISO8859P15”, for creating this DB instance / schema.

Now when trying to start-up SQ server processes, and it is complaining about “Oracle NLS_CHARACTERSET does not support UTF8: WE8ISO5589P15”.

According to our DBA folks, this charset should be allowed as being part of the “UTF8-family” character sets.

The 9.4 documentation is un-clear / non-specific about which Oracle character-sets are supported by the SonarQube application.


WE8ISO8859P15 isn’t part of the “UTF8-family”. The “WE…” on the name means that it supports West European languages only. A database created with this charset can’t store Cyrillic or Thai script, for example.

Oracle database has two UTF-8 compatible charsets: “UTF8” and “AL32UTF8”, being the latter the recommended one for new deployments. (Reference)