Why is this happening

INFO: Importing results from 6 proto files in 'C:\Repos\xxx\.sonarqube\out\10\output-cs'

WARN: File 'C:\Repos\xxx\Business\Commands\SystemAdmin\Error\Log\LogExceptionCommandAuthorizerTests.cs' referenced by the protobuf 'TokenTypeInfo' does not exist in the analysis context

INFO: SCM Publisher SCM provider for this project is: git

INFO: SCM Publisher 19885 source files to be analyzed

INFO: 36/19885 source files have been analyzed

There is no proto files in my repo and why is purpose of analyzing the scm provider?

Hello @minoseah629 and welcome to the community

You can read how the Sonar .NET static code analysis works here.

Some of the necessary analysis metadata is stored on disk in protobuf and JSON files. This is why you see :


I am not sure why this test file is not indexed by the scanner - please give us the verbose logs for the scanner steps and msbuild if you want to investigate further (see instructions for scanner step).

To get information from the source code management (SCM) system, such as git. This is used in SonarQube.

@Andrei_Epure, ok. its going to take some time for it to finish.

where can i post the log when its done? some data is sensitive so post directly isnt acceptable.

Ok. Just to clarify: what exactly is the problem you are facing?

I’ve sent you a private message, (only) you can access it here.